Local anglers in co-operation with the City of London Have formed ‘The Hampstead Heath Anglers Society’.
HHAS will work towards, protecting, improving and insuring the continued fishing on the Hampstead ponds.

We are here entirely for the benefit of all anglers and rely on donations from various sources, including members. If you can help then please send donations to our secretary. Donations of unused fishing tackle would need to be arranged through our secretary. Please see contacts page.

All donations should be sent to our secretary (see contacts page) and made payable to “The Hampstead Heath Anglers Society” .


The organisation shall be called the Hampstead Heath Anglers Society hereafter referred to as the HHAS.

Objectives of the HHAS

  1. Promote and protect the angling interests of its members.
  2. Raise funds for the improvement of angling facilities on the heath.
  3. Liaise and consult with other national fishing organisations including the BDAA, ACA, NFA, and FACT to ensure that the HHAS activities conform to good practice.
  4. Safeguard all Wildlife in the ponds.
  5. Obey all bylaws and the Hampstead Heath fishing regulations.
  6. Appoint and train HHAS members to act as bailiffs in liaison with City Of London staff. The duty of the said bailiffs shall include but not be limited to the following:
    1. Ensure all Anglers are in possession of a currant environmental agency rod licence and a Hampstead Heath Fishing Permit.
    2. Checking regularly for evident of poaching, Deadlines, Nets etc. Which could be injurious to wildlife, and reporting any such incidents along with other acts of vandalism or anti-social behaviour to the Hampstead Heath Constabulary.
  7. Behave at all times courteously and considerately to other park users, and to avoid confrontation wherever possible.
  8. Appoint representatives to liaise closely with relevant City Of London staff on improvements and resolution of conflicts, including water quality, night fishing, the review of fishing regulations and any problems with dogs on the heath.
  9. Ensure members endeavour to keep the ponds and surrounding areas free from litter.
  10. Encourage and assist members to help fellow anglers, especially those suffering from mobility problems, or inexperienced anglers.
  11. Able bodied HHAS members will be expected to donate at least two days per year for work parties in the HHAS waters, under the supervision of City Of London staff.
  12. Fully publicise the activities of the HHAS by way of the distribution of flyers and by post to interested parties and existing members and to encourage their active involvement in the HHAS.

Membership, Committee, Committee officer and Elections.

Membership of the HHAS shall be open to any person, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or ability, who applies for a Hampstead Heath fishing permit(available on production of environment agency rod license) and pays the annual membership fee as determined by the AGM of HHAS members.

A member who disregards any rules of the HHAS or is guilty of conduct which in the opinion of the committee renders him/her unfit for membership, shall be liable for expulsion from the HHAS.

Before expelling any member, the committee shall afford him/her an opportunity to explain his/her conduct.


The officers of the HHAS shall be as the following:

All officers are elected for a period of one year. But may be re-elected to the same office the following year. The affairs of the HHAS shall be controlled by the general committee comprising the officers of the organisation and 3 other members elected from, and by the members of the HHAS. The general committee shall meet at agreed intervals and not less than five times a year.

The Attendance of 4 committee members will constitute a quorum.

The annual general meeting of the HHAS shall be held annually, which all members may attend. The decision of the committee on any matter affecting the HHAS shall be final and binding on all members. Each member shall be provided with a current copy of the HHAS rules and any amendments that follow ,upon request.

Prof David J Bellamy OBE
Doug Slade
Dave Ward
Paul Horrix. Shall conduct all correspondence and keep all minutes, books and other documents.
Paul Solieri. Shall ensure that the funds of the HHAS are kept in a bank, and no financial liability incurred. Shall keep financial records and prepare the annual financial statement.
Hampstead Heath/City of London Liaison
Richard Payne
Angling Advisers
Bob Sharp/ Dave Ward
Youth Development Officer (vacant)
Police Liason Officer
Richard Gentry
Fundraising Advisors
Geoff Burton
Young peoples representative x1 (Vacant)
Paul Horrix

The duties of the General committee shall be to control the affairs of the HHAS on behalf of the members and to keep accurate records of the finances of the HHAS through the Treasurer.