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We normally meet every Fourth Wednesday of the month.
Next meeting date is:
Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 7:00 PM for a 7:15 start, till 8:30 PM (19:00 for a 19:15 start, till 20:30).
This is held at the Thanet Youth Club, Herbert St, NW5 4HD.

There are some 342 fishing permit holders on Hampstead Heath. This automatically makes YOU members of the Hampstead Heath Anglers Society. Why not come along to our meetings and have your say.

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The BBC’s televised dams farce

On Saturday, 14 December the BBC broadcasted a short item on the Hampstead Heath dams. This was broadcast at the 1 PM local news and the 5:30 PM local news. This was filmed on the Thursday morning. Starting at 8 AM in the morning on the mixed pond at the Hampstead chain and approximately 8:45 AM on the men’s pond on the Highgate chain, then approximately 9:15 AM on the boating pond. We understood this to be to get some opinion from three of the major users of the ponds. On broadcast it was stated by the reporter that the ponds had over topped in the 1975 storm and caused the flooding further downstream.

If they had done their research properly they would have found out that the dams did not overtop in the 1975 storms and it was the sewers which were incapable of taking the water from the drains which caused the flooding.

There was only one small clip used from the men’s pond, which did not explain anything and a clip from the chairman of the Heath and Hampstead Society. The clips were edited in such a way that any opinion of the major users of the ponds was completely edited out.

A complete misrepresentation of the truth and very misleading to the public. The BBC should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.